Acupuncture and Essential Oils: Classical Treatment Without Needles or Moxa

  • October 24, 2015
  • 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Swedish Institute 226 West 26th Street, Floor 5 New York, NY 10001

Acupuncture and Essential Oils: Classical Treatment Without Needles or Moxa

For the seasoned Practitioner, essential oils are a substitute system of treatment for use when we are unable to use our first choice: needles and Moxa. Essential oils directly applied to stimulate the points is effective, naturally compatible with Qi and continues the treatment long after the patient leaves your clinic.

Years ago, Master herbalist Jeffrey Yuen identified specific classical essential oils for the classical practitioner. Using these oils and following Classical principles, Gorman and Flores have been using essential oils in treating adults and children with remarkable results for over 15 years. The choice of points, intention, and the flow of the treatment all remain the same; the only difference is the stimulation of the points through oils.

In this workshop, you will learn application techniques and specific Oils for specific points. The instructors will present oils for Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal, for Aggressive Energy, for spirit support, for the Shu points, for Release of the 7 Dragons, exit/entry blockages, as well as for Tonification and Sedation, and oils specifically for where Moxa cannot be used. At the end of the day all acupuncture treatments will be given an essential oil specified by Jeffrey Yuen.

Practitioners often face challenging situations when they:

  • Want to use needles but the location does not allow it?
  • Want to use Moxa but the location or patient cannot tolerate smoke?
  • Have a patient or child who is needle phobic or burn phobic?
  • Can’t put a needle into the skin/scar/rash?
  • Hear, “The hospital puts so many needles into me. I can’t take one more.”
  • A Pregnant patient needs points on her abdomen where needles are forbidden

In the above situations and more, treatment can be powerfully and gently delivered by the use of particular essential oils and focused intention. Add this to your practice for these challenging situations, so no one who would benefit from Classical Acupuncture treatment will be left out.

Required Materials:

1 sheet, 1 pillowcase, acupuncture travel kit, pen and paper, comfortable clothing.

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